• Arribatec acquires IB

    Arribatec acquires IB

    arribatec logo

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  • InfoSHIP ELB

    InfoSHIP ELB

    InfoSHIP Electronic LogBook
    to improve record keeping operations

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  • Increase ship reliability

    Increase ship reliability

    Keeping preventive maintenance work on a predictable schedule
    to reduce unexpected machinery downtime

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  • Prevention is better than cure

    Prevention is better than cure

    Quick and easy classification and track of Incidents,
    Accidents and Near Misses

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  • Ship performance monitoring

    Ship performance monitoring

    A real-time dashboard showing the position,
    speed, trim and power of each ship

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  • A real Dry Dock supervisor

    A real Dry Dock supervisor

    Accurate and Timely Planning of the project
    minimizing unnecessary and unexpected spending

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Digital VPO

18 MARCH 2021 

IB partecipates as key sponsor at "Making maintenance data easier to integrate with Shipdex".

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