the revolution in the trasmission of ship formalities

e-Port Call Service

e-Port call service is an innovative service that enables operators in the maritime industry to provide information to the PMIS in the required data format..

The new ship formalities reporting management

The Ship Formalities reporting is changing: the Machine – to – Machine communication is fast approaching.
Reporting parties will exchange information automatically through PMIS (Port Management Information System), the Italian National Maritime Single Window, without manual data input.

The new B2MSW (Business-to-Maritime Single Window) data format is going to be introduced to enhance the information data exchange between private stakeholders and the Maritime Administration for Port Call formalities. Initially, the standard will be applied to communicate with Italian ports and progressively with main international ports.

Why e-Port Call Service?

e-Port Call service connects with your ICT systems, imports all useful data for Ship Formalities reporting in Italy, transforms it in the new required B2MSW format and sends the information to PMIS properly.

Thanks to e-Port call service you can simplify your Reporting Formalities within the port call, avoid losing data and add value to your information. The e-Port Call service allows you to fully benefit from the interoperability, since it performs the data transmission directly from ship-owner’s ICT systems to PMIS in the required B2MSW data format.

The data management satisfies the new European GDPR Regulation requirements.

Harness the power of your data

Use the data already available in your ICT systems to meet the Port Call administration requests, instead of re-entering the same information several times, generating manual input errors and assigning an excessive administrative workload to the crew.

B2MSW format

enhances the electronic data exchange

more efficiency

improves the maritime cluster performances

machine to machine

reduces the port call waiting time

The innovative M2M interoperability service


Discover from the Italian Coast Guard video, how data transmission and the approval process are changing. The new Ship Formalities reporting management has been presented last January 2018 in Rome within the “Connecting ships to ports: simplification and digitalization” workshop..

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