A Smart Member of a Smart Team

Following IB’s commitment to creating advanced technology and its drive to push for developments in the maritime sector, it was a natural progression to team with other major players in the maritime sector through joining the Smart Maritime Network (SMN).

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Catching up with the future

Mr. Giampiero Soncini, CEO of IB Marine, will hold a lecture at the University of Liverpool, on 28th March on “The value of data and artificial intelligence in leading the new era of the maritime industry”.

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IB has joined the CLIA world

IB Influencing Business has recently become the Gold Executive Partner of CLIA, the Cruise Lines International Association. The membership is a statement of IB’s commitment to the Cruise sector.

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IB joins Shipdex

In line with the process of digitalization and standardization within the shipping industry, IB has announced to have joined the Shipdex community.

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IB opens in Cyprus

Following its strong growth plan, IB is excited to announce that as of February 2019 opens a new office in Limassol, Cyprus.

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A New Year, a new CEO and a new name

The New Year starts with important changes in IB’s organizational structure with the appointment of Mr. Giampiero Soncini as the CEO of the Marine division and Maurizio Ricci assuming the role of CEO of the Industrial division.

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