A New Year, a new CEO and a new name

The New Year starts with important changes in IB’s organizational structure with the appointment of Mr. Giampiero Soncini as the CEO of the Marine division and Maurizio Ricci assuming the role of CEO of the Industrial division.

“Together with Maurizio Ricci, - said Mr. Soncini - we have always shared the same business vision: we both want to run a company where customers, product development and employees matter. In IB, we can count on dedicated, experienced and passionate people!”

Mr. Ricci emphasizes the new corporate brand identity: “We clearly state our intention towards achieving ambitious goals - he commented - including our global rebranding to reflect our intention to Influence the Business of our customers by utilizing modern technologies and high quality services."

The new logo was created from the two letters of the old logo, keeping pride in our 35 year history, while rebranding what the letters stood for defines our future in the industry. "Influencing Business" is what our software accomplishes with state of the art solutions, employing the top talents in the industry while keeping our client’s needs at the forefront of what we do.

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