IB welcomes Giorgia

IB welcomes Giorgia Camerlingo as Test Manager of Rapallo-based Quality & Security Department.

Giorgia has an extensive background as Test Manager and Quality Assurance test Analyst for many international software companies, where she had the opportunity of perfectly learning how Testing and Development go along together, supporting each other in daily tasks.

We asked what challenge she has overcome in her past working experience and she told us a little bit about herself: “My first Scrum master experience was the most interesting challenge I’ve overcome: we were new in the Agile methodology but the principles of the Agile manifesto aligned with what developer teams and testers sought as the right way for developing. Also being a Test manager during the Scrum Transformation was interesting in the way of how we could adapt the quality team in agile testers. For this reason, in that period, I've decided to adopt the definition of “Test coach” instead of “Test Manager!”

Giorgia will join the Software Quality and Security Department of IB, a growing team, starved of a skilled and reliable staff. We are sure that thanks to her passion, directness, and customer-oriented attitude she will do a great job.

Welcome onboard, Giorgia.

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