Optimize the life
cycle of your assets

InfoPMS® improves the reliability of plants
throughout their cycle, and helps them to stay in compliance
with regulations in force while increasing safety standards.

Empower your technical asset management

InfoPMS® is the enterprise asset management software which enables companies to control costs and optimize the maintenance of plants and vehicles, covering the entire technical process, from work requests to pre-invoicing, even extending to the warehouse and the production process itself. It can be applied to different industries: Manufacturing and Process, Iron & Steel, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Multi-utilities and Transport.

  • Coordination of field technicians

    Coordination of field technicians

    Find the nearest technician, assign them a daily schedule of tasks and let them carry out jobs, optimizing resources.

  • Improve fleet availability

    Improve fleet availability

    Constantly monitor fleet availability and the quality of maintenance services provided also by Third-Parties.

  • No more stops in the line

    No more stops in the line

    As soon as an anomaly is detected in the production line, InfoPMS® immediately alerts operations staff so they can solve the problem.

    Approaching Industry 4.0

    The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is becoming a key technology to create new business models and improve operations and performance. InfoPMS keeps up with the pace of change, because once the data has been obtained from DCS/PLC, SCADA or other in-field sensor, it verifies them, applies algorithms to create specific strategic KPIs, and feeds Maintenance and Operations dashboards to monitor technical performances.

    InfoPMS® helps you manage all technical aspects

    InfoPMS® is a comprehensive web-based software providing complete coverage for all technical processes and allowing maintenance activities and operations in the supply chain and material storage to be optimized.


    Through InfoPMS® users can record extraordinary maintenance and effectively plan scheduled maintenance, preventing downtime and equipment breakdowns, thus optimizing the workload of manpower.



    InfoPMS® allows the user to manage one or more warehouses, and covers the entire purchasing process, from the issue of the purchase request for materials up to the actual delivery.

    Third Parties

    Third Parties

    Our maintenance software enables companies to keep outsourced maintenance activities under control ,or vice versa, to monitor the active maintenance contracts concluded with clients, in order to evaluate their performances.

    Analysis and Reporting

    Analysis and Reporting

    Through advanced business intelligence systems, users are able to monitor the performance of their plants and suppliers in real time, and analyze the outcomes in order to achieve quantitative and quality targets.

    Quality and Safety

    Quality and Safety

    InfoPMS® is particularly useful to track and monitor all risk situations in the company. With it, you can access and automatically produce safety documentation and digitally record it, complying with regulations.

    Cost Control

    Cost Control

    Thanks to InfoPMS® the company is able to track the financial aspect of maintenance costs by monitoring the progress of work performed by the company or by third parties, supporting decision making.


    Storage, direct access and distribution of technical documentation.


    Implementation of different maintenance analysis methodologies.

    Work load

    Support resource management, workload management and task management.

    Specific modules

    Safety measures guide, work permits for the plant taking over and Insurance damage claim.

    Some testimonials

    • Busitalia in Veneto region
    • TPER in Bologne
    • AMIAT in Turin
    • AMA in Rome
    • Cogne Acciai Speciali
    • VM Motori
    • Boario
    • Sorgenia
    • Busitalia in Veneto region

      The need for a detailed reporting system and for the customized management of complex asset maintenance processes such as those regarding the new tramway persuaded APS Padova, now Busitalia Veneto, to request a specific implementation of InfoPMS® software, which could manage the testing and commissioning of warranties for the tram division.
      Busitalia Veneto S.p.A. is a newer company which has been operating since 2015 in Veneto and carries out urban and extra urban services in the provinces of Padua and Rovigo; this service was previously provided by Busitalia Sita Nord and APS Mobility. The company counts 950 employees, 640 buses and 16 trams.

    • TPER in Bologne

      TPER (Emilia-Romagna Passenger Transport) is the public transport company born out of the merger of ATC Bologna and FER, the regional rail company. IB began collaborating with ATC Bologna in 2005 for the maintenance of its bus fleet and trolleybus. During this period, the company's technical direction gained a high level of expertise on InfoPMS® (installation, modification, training, report development, etc.) leading to them being able to autonomously implement the solution in their subsequestly acquired companies and divisions.
      Today, a large number of users work daily on the InfoPMS® software: supervisors, maintainers, maintenance engineers, and external providers, all of whom report their activities through the dedicated web portal.

    • AMIAT in Turin

      Thanks to the use of InfoPMS® software, Amiat in Turin is able to record total hours worked, details about the spare parts used, and a description of the work carried out, improving information sharing among users. Through integration with the warehouse which is managed by the ERP, InfoPMS® can also update stock in real time and activate optimal stock reintegration policies.

    • AMA in Rome

      Since 2009, InfoPMS® has been used by AMA Roma to manage its fleet, allowing the company to identify the causes of vehicle breakdowns and the possible lack of fleet availability due to them being serviced, paying particular attention to third-party companies which carry out maintenance activities outside the company's workshops.
      Since then, InfoPMS® has been extended to plant and property management and currently about 600 people use the software as a tool in their daily work.

    • Cogne Acciai Speciali

      Cogne Acciai Speciali is one of the leading producers of stainless steel long-lasting products in Europe, and its production plant is located in an area covering 520,000 sq. m in the town of Aosta, Italy. At the end of 2007, when InfoPMS® was implemented, the company needed to adopt a maintenance software in order to certify the regular working of their equipment and the maintenance carried out, particularly in the areas known as "sensitive". Today, our system is the tool that manages and monitors preventive and extraordinary maintenance, is integrated with the spare parts warehouse, improves safety and minimizes environmental impact.

    • VM Motori

      VM Motori, founded in 1947 and 100% owned by Fiat Group, specializes in the design and production of advanced technological diesel engines for various applications. Thanks to its technical characteristics, the company has been chosen by major worldwide vehicle manufacturers such as Fiat, Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors. In April 2011, InfoPMS® was implemented in the maintenance department because it was selected as the only tool capable of managing: scheduled maintenance, the history of maintenance jobs carried out on the machinery, inventories and warehouse movements, as well as being able to provide data collection for the analysis of recurring failures and performance indicators.

    • Boario

      In Ferrarelle group’s Darfo Boario Terme (BS) factory, the fourth-largest Italian mineral water company, about 300 million litres of Boario and Vitasnella mineral water are bottled each year. Since 2008, InfoPMS® has allowed the Ferrarelle group to record and analyze maintenance jobs due to failure, prepare a detailed maintenance plan by estimating the spare parts required in advance, manage inventory movements with mobile devices integrated with the application, and constantly compare the costs of maintenance purchases with the allocated budget.

    • Sorgenia

      Sorgenia is the first Italian private operator in the national power market and natural gas market, with 500,000 customers throughout Italy and 2,900 MW power plants.
      Sorgenia selected InfoPMS® for its power plants in Turano Lodi (Lodi), Aprilia (Latina) and Modugno (Bari) in Italy to manage their hierarchical plant structures, schedule preventive maintenance, optimize the inventory of spare parts and equipment, collect and analyze data to determine the cause of failures, to track and monitor all risk situations in the company and to access and print safe work permits to establish and maintain safe working conditions.

    • Cogne Acciai
    • ItalianaCoke
    • PPG Industries2
    • Boario
    • FlintGroup
    • Fagioli
    • ACTV
    • Tua2
    • Trentino Trasporti
    • Busitalia
    • ATV Verona
    • TPER
    • Padania Acque
    • AMA RM
    • ASIA NA
    • AMIAT TO
    • AMIU GE

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