Rusal - Eurallumina

InfoPMS® was implemented in 2003 and immediately became a fundamental part of the maintenance process because it included a fault analysis, the possibility of connecting technical documentation to plant components or documents in progress, a real technical schedule of planned maintenance and not a simple economic planning and the possibility of scheduling the maintenance phases according to the operating hours of the plants. Belonging to the Russian group Rusal, Eurallumina operated a plant for the transformation of alumina bauxite (Aluminum Oxide) in Sardinia with 450 employees. Due to the crisis in the aluminum sector, the company has had to retrench its workforce and activity a few years ago.


Sorgenia is the first Italian private operator in the national power market and natural gas market, with 500,000 customers throughout Italy and 2,900 MW power plants.
Sorgenia selected InfoPMS® for its power plants in Turano Lodi (Lodi), Aprilia (Latina) and Modugno (Bari) in Italy to manage their hierarchical plant structures, schedule preventive maintenance, optimize the inventory of spare parts and equipment, collect and analyze data to determine the cause of failures, to track and monitor all risk situations in the company and to access and print safe work permits to establish and maintain safe working conditions.

TPER in Bologne

TPER (Emilia-Romagna Passenger Transport) is the public transport company born out of the merger of ATC Bologna and FER, the regional rail company. IB began collaborating with ATC Bologna in 2005 for the maintenance of its bus fleet and trolleybus. During this period, the company's technical direction gained a high level of expertise on InfoPMS® (installation, modification, training, report development, etc.) leading to them being able to autonomously implement the solution in their subsequestly acquired companies and divisions.
Today, a large number of users work daily on the InfoPMS® software: supervisors, maintainers, maintenance engineers, and external providers, all of whom report their activities through the dedicated web portal.

Trentino Trasporti

Having been an IB customer since 2005, Trentino Trasporti uses InfoPMS® to manage the maintenance processes of Trento-Malé-Marileva rail transportation.
Through this software, the technical department of the company records and programmes the maintenance of its fleet, efficiently manages safety checks and vehicle cleaning, organises use and demand of spare parts, integrates the company's existing software with InfoPMS® and identifies project defects in order to issue work requests included in the guaranty given by train suppliers. With the introduction of business intelligence tools, Trentino Trasporti is also able to implement effective policies to contain costs and to evaluate the opportunity of outsourcing policies.

TUA in Abruzzo region

The implementation of InfoPMS® dates back to 2005 and where it was first installed in ARPA Chieti, the Regional Public Transportation in Abruzzo, then progressively extended to GTM, Metropolitan Transport in Pescara and finally to FAS, Sangritana Adriatico Railway in Lanciano. TUA operates in the regional territory with two divisions: rail and bus services, with 895 buses, 16 electric trains for the transport of people and 16 locomotives for freight transport.
InfoPMS® has been able to adapt to different situations, both in terms of area of competence (regional and urban) and for the maintenance processes adopted (with almost total outsourcing or a limited presence of third party companies).

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