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Within the digital age

Traditional logbooks have always been used on ships to document internal activities, to comply with rules, to communicate with the authorities and so on. If you are tired of manually creating log book entries, electronic logbooks can support you in electronically recording daily on-board operations and to replace the traditional paper logbooks.

Through InfoSHIP® ELB, data is standardized and very easy to search and analyze, resulting in daily reporting being dramatically less time consuming and reducing the workload of both the officers on board and on shore. Our system has been designed to help fully replace traditional paper logbooks on board; lots of checks have been implemented in the software to prevent the users from the possible errors that can occur with manual input.

Flag State Approval

InfoSHIP® Electronic Log Book complies with current international maritime regulations, all mandatory standards and the major flag states requirements.

Antigua & Barbuda
Approvable upon shipowner’s request
At approval stage
Request submitted
On going discussion
On going discussion
At approval stage
Request submitted
Isle of Man
InfoSHIP Compliance Statement
Marshall Islands
On going discussion
US Coast Guard
At approval stage

Towards 100% of the value

Fully compliant
Designed to be in line with IMO's guidance and current and upcoming international regulations.
All logbooks
Includes Oil Record Book Part I and II, Cargo Record Book, Ballast Water Record Book, Garbage Record Book.
ship - shore

Every vessel has its own installation, the office collects data from all ships and data exchange is synchronized.

Avoiding mistakes

InfoSHIP® ELB has been designed to allow users to improve their record keeping operations and comply with international regulations. It’s also useful in sharing records with the on-land offices which currently have no direct access to the hardcopies on board. Installing the software means having data readily available to be double-checked by people on shore, reducing the risk of possible fines or major non-conformities.

  • Daily Soundings

    Daily Soundings

    Shows data validation messages to help users enter daily soundings correctly, or warn them about entry errors.

  • Oil Record Book Part 2

    Oil Record Book Part 2

    Help any oil tanker of 150 GT and above to keep up to date oil cargo, ballast and tanks information.

  • Oil Record Book

    Oil Record Book

    Generates the Oil Record Book reports in the official template required by MARPOL and IMO regulations.

  • Cargo Record Book

    Cargo Record Book

    Support owner/operator to record noxious liquid substances in bulk, in compliance with MARPOL.

  • Noon Report

    Noon Report

    Collects the data of fuel consumption and steaming time for the creation of Daily Noon Report.

  • Garbage Record Book

    Garbage Record Book

    Enable ships to keep track of the garbage with estimated amount incinerated or discharged.

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