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Cost control and transparency

Bringing a ship for a dry-dock is not easy; a lot of planning is required to ensure repair work goes smoothly and costs are kept down. Dry-dock is an expensive process which requires a proactive project management approach for proper time and cost control.

The right software can help the shipping company in effectively planning and supervising every step of the project, minimizing unnecessary and unexpected spending and increasing transparency between the shipyard and ship owner.
InfoSHIP® PLANNING supports the Technical Department in Dry-docking and ship repairing projects, helps them monitor the execution of works, keeping unexpected costs under control and improving sharing information among all players involved.

A real Dry-Dock supervisor

Minimize delays
Continuously checks on work completion to make sure it’s on time.
Increase supervision
Oversee all activities to verify that the project has been executed as planned.
Keep costs under control

Track and compare actual costs with estimates and projected costs.

Accurate and Timely Planning

Accurate and Timely Planning

InfoSHIP® PLANNING is able to keep all kinds of projects (not only dry-docks) properly recorded and tracked, providing project management templates for copying recurrent activities and generating specification printouts ready to be sent to the shipyard.

Shared timeline and cost control

Shared timeline and cost control

InfoSHIP® PLANNING collects evidence of the actual execution of the tasks, keeps budget vs. actuals under control and provides a Gantt chart to let the users monitor the work in progress during every stage of the project.

Wish lists for Improvements

Wish lists for Improvements

During daily operations, the crew may have to face issues they cannot fix. This is either because of a lack of manpower or of specific knowledge, or simply because the work can’t be carried out while a ship is in operation. InfoSHIP® PLANNING has a comment management system to collect their suggestions for improvements and upgrades, helping the company to accurately plan dry-dockings.

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