Improve safety and prevent pollution

Risk Assessment

A proactive approach to maritime safety

According to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) a shipping company should establish safeguards against all identified risks choosing the methods in accordance with its organizational structure, ships and trades. Basically the risk assessment process is concerned with observing the company’s activities and operations, identifying what might go wrong, and deciding upon what should be done in order to prevent it.

IB provides solutions and services to help you identify the most likely hazards in your company, evaluate courses of action to be followed, and check to make sure that the control measures are effective in eliminating or minimizing a risk.
InfoSHIP® EVO lets you create your own risk matrix so that the company can decide itself how strict the assessment should be and how often it should be done. From there, you can create an effective plan to handle risks once they have been identified and prioritized, and continuously monitor the system in place.

All relevant risks under control

prevent human injury

Share safety instructions and procedures across the fleet, improving safety at sea.

protect the environment

Help companies identify hazards and its likelihood, avoiding environmental damage.

minimize human errors

Raise awareness and maintain constant vigilance to minimize potential risk of errors.

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