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InfoSHIP® is future proof and aligned to state of the art technology. It fosters usability and user experience to minimize the impact for the training and for day-by-day operations.

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Ready for the future.

InfoSHIP® has been developed in Java with a set of advanced commonly used techniques such as Javascript, HTML, AJAX, R.I.A., S.O.A. , so that applications are completely transportable across platforms.

Its development tool is able to create highly interactive transactional applications, that execute on a remote computer and that are accessed by users from their own PCs or terminals.

InfoSHIP® has been designed business-oriented, to facilitate the integration with other systems, adapting to different organizational processes and offering enough flexibility to easily incorporate changes that may occur in the future.

Ship to shore data exchange

InfoSHIP® enables users to work both on a centralized database in the cloud and by traditional ship to shore data synchronization.

In case of good connectivity from the vessels, the ship can be linked to the office installation with a simple web browser, without installing any hardware on board. Otherwise, InfoSHIP® allows the company to install a specific database and application on every single vessel with regular data exchange between the office and the individual ships of the fleet.

Simple and Functional

InfoSHIP® has been designed with a user-centered approach, finding out how users need to use them, rather than forcing them to change their behavior. Customer centricity for us is not just about offering great customer service, but is:

Focusing on users

Design Thinking

The developing process is human-centered, getting close enough to the user to see how we can make their lives and experiences better and more fulfilling. The interface of menus, views, desktops are simple and personalized for users.

Maximing usability

User Experience

We have invested in new expertise and resources focused on visual design, enhancing user satisfaction by improving how they interact with the applications, and reducing overall errors by designing the systems with the user's experience in mind.

Collaborative approach

We provide mock-ups to experience the actual look and feel of the applications and match customer requirements and expectations. Our processes flow are validated by the customer as well as by external consultants or market influencers.

Testing and evaluating

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance specialists and a dedicated testing team work in cooperation with Product Development and Customer Service to ensure our software solution match customers' vision appealing and functionally.

BPA - Business Process Applications

A group of stand-alone and interconnected applications

Business Process Applications replace the traditional concept of Software Module.
Even if they have the same layout, Graphic User Interface, basic functionalities and are connected to each other, BPA can be installed independently from any other components of the software suite, have their own database and follow an independent evolutional path.

Three-tier Architecture

A three-way interaction

InfoSHIP® is built in a three-tier architecture, where presentation, application processing, and data management functions are physically separated and each part can be developed concurrently by different team of programmers coding in different languages from the other tier developers.
A 3-tier architecture shortens time to market and reduces the cost to integrate new features into software, because the developers have the opportunity to extend, modularize, and configure their application and may utilize new technologies as they become available.

Built-in configuration tools

Chart Editor

to help you create new gauges, trends, scattered diagram, pies.

Query & Reporting editor

to determine the way you want to organize and analyze data.

Audit Trail configurator

to maintain a configuration change history of fields.

Mandatory fields

to set the fields that a user or a group of users must fill out.

Notification tool

to provide web notifications to a list of contacts.

My Desk configuration

to personalize your desktop with gadgets and charts.

Data import / Export

to set data exchange among fleets and office.

User organization editor

to define your crew according to your structure.

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